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I am a Story Artist and have been professionally for Twelve years now.



Working in-house for some amazing companies in great cities like Glasgow, Dublin, Edinburgh, Sheffield & London.


Some jobs require remote working and in those instances, I have experience working for companies in Singapore, Canada, UK & America.


Currently, I am working Freelance for a company in London & Glasgow on a new 3D animated series.


The type of roles I take range from Concepts, Revisions, Boarding & Directing.


Mostly I enjoy roles as a storyboard artist, I'm comfortable leading/supervising or providing the board. Comfortable pitching idea, gags and weighing in on story issues.


I am experienced in using Storyboard Pro, Photoshop or working traditionally, whatever suits really.


Recently I had free reign to set up and establish a Revisions department and found mentoring/imparting experience on to less experienced colleagues to be extremely fun and rewarding.




I aspire to Directing & Developing some of my own OP's.

Yay,success! Message received.